OptiClear Headlamp Anti-Condensation Solution

The solution is OptiClear.

Humidity. Highly integrated headlamp designs. Short light cycle time. More efficient, cooler-operating LED lights. These factors add up to big problems for the automotive industry when water vapor condenses in the headlamp. Besides spoiling vehicle appearance and frustrating consumers, condensation can affect road visibility, create potential safety risks, and lead to costly warranty claims. OEMs and their suppliers have been searching for the right solution, but nothing has proven effective over the long term - until now.

Building on decades of experience providing innovative desiccant solutions for a number of automotive applications, Flow Dry Technology engineered the OptiClear Headlamp Anti-Condensation Solution to end the issues associated with moisture in headlamps. OptiClear is the only desiccant based anti-condensation solution which is proven, easy to install for OEMs and aftermarket, designed to perform over the life of the headlamp, and self-regenerating.


OptiClear Brochure