Flow Dry SP1 & SP2 Cartridge Comparison

AttributeSP1 Flow Dry CartridgeSP2 Flow Dry Cartridge
Physical Attributes of Desiccant Cartridge
Height3.5" (90.0mm)4.5" (114.3mm)
Desiccant Capacity40gm-110gm, 105gm with Tracer Wafer™ 110gm - 240gm, 235gm with Tracer Wafer™
Sized for R.D. Dimensions
Minimum Receiver Can ID2.16" (55.0mm)2.68" (68.0mm)
Maximum Receiver Can ID2.38" (60.5mm)2.90" (73.4mm)
Minimum Center Tube OD0.31" (7.9mm)0.37" (9.4mm)
Maximum Center Tube OD0.39" (9.9mm)0.51" (12.9mm)
Pressure, Flow & Filtration Performance
Initial PSI drop<0.5 PSI @ 6.5# per minute flow rate<0.5 PSI @ 6.5# per minute flow rate
Life cycle test SP #104PassPass
Flow and filtration test SP #103PassPass
Desiccant Cartridge Construction
Filter MediaDual Density FiberglassDual Density Fiberglass
DesiccantMolecular SieveMolecular Sieve

The SP1 and SP2 desiccant cartridges support a range of fittings and capacities however we can also produce a custom and tailored desiccant/filtration cartridge solution if you require.