Desiccant Cartridge Solutions

Desiccant Cartridge for Receiver Dryers in TXV systems For Receiver Dryers in Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) Controlled Air Conditioning Systems

The Flow Dry® cartridge is a revolutionary desiccant package for automotive air conditioning receivers. Its unique design eliminates loose fill and desiccant bags with a more reliable, flexible and cheaper to install solution saving assembly line and maintenance time and money.

Advantages of Desiccant Cartridges

Fewer Components for Streamlined Assembly

The Flow Dry cartridge reduces your operation to one part and one step. Desiccant filters and tracer wafers are all pre-assembled and sealed for maximum moisture protection in a climate-controlled environment at our facility. Consolidating this tedious, time-consuming task in advance streamlines your assembly and leaves you with one operation - drop the cartridge into the receiver.

Flexible Usage With Variable Fill Volumes of Desiccant

The patent-pending adjustable cartridge lid adapts to a range of different desiccant volumes and weights.

robotic assembly line installation of A/C Desiccant Cartridges One Product Many Applications Means Reduced Tooling Costs

The Flow Dry cartridge is a standard product that can accommodate a variety of can sizes due to its unique Lip-Lock® seal ring. This eliminates purchasing expensive custom tooling for each of your applications.

You Choose the Retention Methods for Your Desiccant Cartridges

Simple, inexpensive methods such as bead upsets or pal-nuts can be utilized to retain the Flow-Dry cartridge in your receiver dryer can.

Desiccant Solution Compatible with Automated Assembly Lines

The rigid structure of the Flow-Dry cartridge allows for labour reduction using simple pick and place automation.

Range of Desiccant Cartridges A Longer Life Higher Specification Desiccant Product

Finally the product that delivers the quality and costing your customers demand. The Flow-Dry cartridge has a unique design that protects it from gaining moisture during your assembly process. It can be exposed up to 10 times longer than conventional bags and loose fill before exceeding moisture specifications. The result is lower outgoing moisture levels, helping you meet more stringent customer demands.

A Desiccant Solution Which Delivers Cost Savings At All Stages

Lower ongoing investment in floor space, loose fill equipment, inventory and purchasing administration make Flow-Dry cartridges your most economical choice.