Cap Bags: Integrated Filter and Dessicant For Condenser-Dryer Applications in Air Conditioning Systems

integrated filter and desiccant bag for condenser-dryer applications. Flow Dry Technology has incorporated proprietary product technology into its Flow Dry® cap bags. They feature a molded plastic filter with a desiccant bag for a low cost solution to numerous integrated condenser-dryer applications.

Cap bags include an exclusive Lip-Lock® seal ring that conforms to the inside diameter of the receiver can, forcing refrigerant to flow through the cap and out the bag. The bag material filters the refrigerant thus eliminating the necessity for an additional filter system.

Customized Integrated Filter and Desiccant Solutions

When you have a requirement which is outside the range of our standard product line, we will collaborate with you to form a customized design. We have fully equipped in-house design, prototyping and testing facilities and regularly work with clients to produce affordable custom solutions to their needs.

Technical Specifications
Attachment mechanism:Lip-Lock seal ring conforms to the inside diameter of the receiver can.
Cap bags seal inside diameters:23 to 30mm (custom options available).