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Flow Dry Technology, an industry leading manufacturer of adsorbent, sealing and insulating solutions, is excited to launch OptiClear anti-condensation solution for headlamps in automobiles. This innovative solution will end issues associated with moisture in headlamps.

OptiClear is the only desiccant based anti-condensation solution which is proven, easy to install for OEM's and after-market, designed to perform over the life of the headlamp and self-regenerating.

"Customers approached Flow Dry for help with their problem of condensation in headlamps. As experts in designing and manufacturing highly innovative solutions to protect, seal and dry our customers' products, Flow Dry's OptiClear is the only proven, long-lasting solution with the lowest total cost of ownership for customers", said Jason Ward, Flow Dry's Director - Engineering & New Products.

Brookville, Ohio - Flow Dry Technology, an industry leader in adsorbent solutions, is excited to announce that it has earned a 2018 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award. The award acknowledges GM's most reliable and successful supplier partners throughout its automobile supply and manufacturing chain. Flow Dry also received this award in 2017.

"The key to Flow Dry's success is our focus on understanding our customers' needs so that we can provide innovative solutions of the highest quality," said Rahul Deshmukh, Flow Dry President and CEO. "This recognition from GM is an honor that demonstrates our unwavering commitment to deliver quality and excellence to our customers."

"We would like to thank Flow Dry for another exceptional year of partnership," said Edward Paul Sandell, Supplier Quality Engineer for General Motors Component Holdings, Lockport, NY. "Suppliers like Flow Dry are a critical part of our success in delivering award-winning vehicles that keep customers safe and happy."

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Flow Dry Technology is excited to introduce their SORBATECH® Cargo Bags. SORBATECH® Cargo Bags control humidity, lower dew point, and prevent condensation in shipping containers (known as container rain or cargo sweat) which can lead to product damage. SORBATECH® Cargo Bags help ensure safe delivery of your product by protecting your cargo from fluctuating container conditions.

For more information, download the PDF or contact Flow Dry customer service at 1-800-533-0077.

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Brookville, Ohio - Flow Dry Technology, an industry leader in adsorbent solutions, is pleased and proud to announce that it has been named the recipient of the 2017 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award. The award, the receipt of which Flow Dry was notified of in December 2018, is presented to GM's most reliable and successful supplier partners throughout its automobile supply and manufacturing chain.

"Flow Dry's success has always been rooted in loyalty, innovation and unwavering dedication to our customers," said Rahul Deshmukh, Flow Dry President and CEO. "This award is also a testament to the hard work all of our teams globally put in as they practice our core value of 'Customer First' in everything they do."

In notifying Flow Dry that it was the recipient of the GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award, Vincent Paolini, Supplier Quality Engineer for General Motor Component Holdings, Lockport, NY, wrote to Deshmukh: "We would like to thank you and your team for the hard work and dedication in being recognized as a top supplier of General Motors. Without suppliers like you, GM would not be able to deliver award-winning vehicles to keep our customers safe and happy."

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Brookville, Ohio - Flow Dry Technology, an industry leader in adsorbent solutions, would like to announce today that Matt McCurdy has joined Flow Dry as Customer Service Manager. Matt's primary focus will be to further enhance our customer service levels and delight our customers.

Matt comes to Flow Dry with over 20 years of manufacturing and customer service experience. His most recent position was with Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products (A Gentherm Company) as their Customer Service / National Accounts Manager.

Matt's prior experience positions him well to lead the Customer Service team at Flow Dry to positively impact customer satisfaction while assisting business goals. He will be working from the Flow Dry office in Brookville.

Please join me in welcoming Matt to the Flow Dry team.

Rahul Deshmukh
President and CEO

Introducing Flow Dry Thermal Management Solutions
Reliable and Custom Solutions for the Diesel, Exhaust Systems and Generator Sectors

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Flow Dry Technology, an industry leading manufacturer of adsorbent, sealing and insulating solutions, is excited to introduce the next generation of thermal management solutions.

Flow Dry Thermal Management Solutions are designed to fit the unique parameters of diesel, exhaust systems and generator applications. The heat shield's thermal conductive properties dissipates hot spots to address potential heat issues, while also improving on other factors such as cost, weight, and overall performance.

For more information, contact Flow Dry customer service at 1-800-533-0077.


Brookville, Ohio - Flow Dry Technology, an industry leader in adsorbent solutions, announced today that it has named Mihály Kovacs as the new General Manager for its European operations.

Kovacs comes to Flow Dry with more than 20 years of industry experience across operations, engineering, and general management in both Europe and North America.

"I am confident that Mihály's industry experience positions him well for success at Flow Dry," said Rahul Deshmukh, President and CEO. "We were attracted to his vast experience across several industries, including his success in the automotive sector in Europe."

Mihaly's appointment is aligned with Flow Dry's strategic goal to expand rapidly across Europe.

"I look forward to partnering with Mihály and the rest of his team to rapidly grow our business in Europe,"" added Deshmukh. "His proven track record of business excellence will help take our European efforts to new heights."


The use of a desiccant is necessary for maintaining product quality. In this newsletter, we discuss the reasons why a desiccant is needed for your product. Among the topics covered are the relationship between water vapor and air, as well as the moisture vapor transmission rates in various mediums. Helpful charts and examples are included for practical demonstrations of why desiccants are needed for products in transit and storage.

Download the Newsletter

Desiccant There are many types of desiccants - choosing one that is compatible with your products could mean the difference between proper packaging and damaged materials. In this helpful guide, we explain how choosing the right desiccant can protect your product. By comparing the capabilities of each sorbent material, we can assist you in finding the desiccant that meets the protective needs of your package.

Download the Desiccant Guide

Brookville, Ohio, March 27, 2018 - Flow Dry Technology, an industry leader in the development of adsorbent and gasket/die-cut solutions, is pleased and proud to announce that it has been awarded International Automotive Task Force (IATF) 16949 certification for all three of its production facilities, which are located in the United States, China and Hungary.

This certification emphasizes the development of a process-oriented quality management system, specifically in the manufacturing of packaged desiccant products, gaskets and fabricated die-cut parts.

"We are incredibly proud to have received the IATF 16949 certification, especially since we secured this recognition across all three of our facilities," said Rahul Deshmukh, Flow Dry President and CEO. "This was truly a team effort, as everyone worked hard to accomplish this task."

Flow Dry had previously achieved the ISO Technical Specification 16949 (ISO/TS) certification and had worked diligently to secure the new IATF 16949 certification. Achieving certification to the IATF 16949:2016 standard demonstrates that Flow Dry is committed to maintaining the highest standards in product quality and timely delivery. One of the main benefits associated with this certification is a streamlined production process, which reduces manufacturing waste and delivers products that consistently meet customer specifications.

IATF is an "ad hoc" group of automotive manufacturers and their respective trade associations that was formed to provide improved quality products to automotive customers worldwide. IATF members include the following vehicle manufacturers: BMW Group, FCA US LLC, Daimler AG, FCA Italy Spa, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, PSA Group, Renault and Volkswagen AG, along with the vehicle manufacturers' respective trade associations - AIAG (U.S.), ANFIA (Italy), FIEV (France), SMMT (U.K.) and VDA QMC (Germany).

US - IATF 16949 Registration Certification

Hungary - IATF 16949 Registration Certification

China - IATF 16949 Registration Certification

Organizational Announcement

Monday 8th January 2018

Amit Kashyap

I am pleased to announce that Amit Kashyap will be joining Flow Dry as National Sales Manager for auto products in India effective January 8, 2018. Amit will focus on developing and implementing growth plans for automotive desiccant products that support our company's growth objectives.

Amit comes to Flow Dry with more than 10 years of sales and marketing experience in India's automotive markets. His most recent position was with Bossard India where he served as Regional Manager. Amit has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.

Amit's education and experience position him well to help Flow Dry develop and implement a growth strategy for India's automotive markets. Amit's appointment will further enhance Flow Dry's service to our customers in India. He will be based at the new Flow Dry office in Gurgaon (near Delhi) and will report to me.

I am excited to work with Amit and help build a robust auto adsorbent business at Flow Dry.

Please join me in welcoming Amit to the Flow Dry team!

Open Liu
Asian Sales Manager

Brookville, Ohio, August 28, 2017 – Flow Dry Technology, an industry leader in adsorbent solutions, is pleased and proud to announce that its AD-1® Molecular Sieve Adsorbent has received approval from General Motors for use in all global GM mobile air-conditioning systems that utilize condenser/radiator/fan module (CRFM) technology to cool vehicle powertrains.

"We are honored to have received this approval and recognition from GM. We are delighted that our AD-1 Molecular Sieve Adsorbent is now the new ‘gold standard' in desiccants for use in mobile air-conditioning applications," said Rahul Deshmukh, Flow Dry President and CEO. "After significant product testing and with this approval, GM has validated that Flow Dry's AD-1 desiccant can help thermal-system manufacturers and OEMs optimize system designs while minimizing cost, which is a huge win for both us and our end-user partners."

Specifically, Flow Dry's AD-1 desiccants satisfy all of the requirements of GMW 16846, which is GM's performance standard relating to "Desiccant Use in Refrigerant Systems using HFC-134a and HFO-1234yf."

The AD-1 Molecular Sieve Adsorbent was developed by Flow Dry to be a high-quality, high-performance, yet economical, desiccant that can be used for drying HFC-134a and other refrigerants. The features that set AD-1 desiccants apart from the competition include high water capacity; strong resistance to system vibration and attrition of molecular sieve beads; high bead crush strength; high density for improved adsorption rates; and chemical compatibility with HFC-134a and other refrigerants.

For more information on Flow Dry's AD-1 Molecular Sieve Adsorbent and its other products, please visit or call +1 800-533-0077, +36 34-542-957 or +86 512-5840-5271. You can also learn more by downloading Flow Dry's Guide to Automotive Air Conditioning Molecular Sieve Specifications.

About Flow Dry
Flow Dry Technology is a leading adsorbent manufacturer headquartered in Brookville, Ohio, with operations in Europe and China. Flow Dry provides a full line of standard desiccant products and the capability to custom design innovative solutions. Flow Dry offers the latest design and engineering technology in the gasket, packaging and sealing business. Please visit for more information.

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Darren Wight

Organizational Announcement

Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Scott Kadash

I am pleased to announce that Scott Kadash will be joining Flow Dry as Gasket Sales Manager effective August 28, 2017. In this position, he will be reporting to me. Scott's primary focus will be on developing and implementing growth plans for the gasket business to support company objectives.

Scott comes to Flow Dry with more than 20 years of sales, purchasing, and production control management. Most recently working for a sealing device distributor representing the Parker Seal Group, Freudenberg/NOK, and Minnesota Rubber, among others.

Scott's experience positions him well to help build our gasket business. He will be working from the Brookville facility and I am excited to work with Scott as we further develop the gasket business at Flow Dry.

Please join me in welcoming Scott to the Flow Dry team!

Tim Shahan
Customer Service and Gasket Sales Manager

Brookville, Ohio, August 2, 2017 – Flow Dry Technology, an industry leader in adsorbent solutions, has acquired the assets of Elliott Manufacturing Company (EMC) in a deal that combines the two Brookville, Ohio-based manufacturers. Founded in 1973 by Milton Sr. and Anna Elliott, the family-owned company has been Flow Dry's supplier of quality plastic injection molded parts since 1986.

"Elliott Manufacturing has been a trusted partner for more than 30 years," said Rahul Deshmukh, Flow Dry President and CEO. "Their injection molding manufacturing capability and expertise perfectly complement our vertical integration growth strategy and enables us to deliver total solutions with even greater quality and delivery benefits to our growing base of global customers."

EMC's material expertise includes engineering grade thermoplastics, filled nylons, and molded rubber among others. The company manufactures a wide variety of plastic injection molded parts, as well as partial and complete assemblies for the automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer products industries on a wide range of molding machines ranging from 33 to 275 ton.

"Growth through acquisitions is always exciting as we continue to delight our global customers and further differentiate ourselves in our markets," added Deshmukh. "This acquisition will undoubtedly benefit our customers, employees and the Brookville community."

Rahul Deshmukh
President & CEO

As a result of aggressively pursuing its growth strategy to expand into the non-automotive sector, Flow Dry Kft. has been successfully awarded DIN 55473 certifications for both Silica Gel and Clay desiccant bags.

These certifications will cover Flow Dry's SorbaTech® brand products across the entire European market. This will further support the company's commitment to delivering new, differentiated and quality products to its global customers. This new DIN certification covers Flow Dry's Silica Gel and Clay desiccant bags with all types of packaging materials including Tyvek, fleece and craft paper.

"These certifications represent an important step in the evolution of our SorbaTech® product line," said President & CEO, Rahul Deshmukh. "We are always focused on introducing new and better products globally to assist our customers in their success."

SorbaTech® products contain adsorbents that have the capability to pull moisture, odor and gases away from the product and keep it contained. In addition to its standard unit bag product line, Flow Dry Kft. offers a wide range of single pack and strip pack solutions.

Flow Dry Kft. ensures complete customer satisfaction through advanced engineering support and its signature "Just In Time" delivery guarantee.

DIN CERTCO is the certification organization of TÜV Rheinland Group and DIN, the German Institute for Standardization. It is highly regarded around the world for its independence, neutrality, and competence from more than 40 years of field experience. Standards are indispensable instruments in protecting the environment and customer interests. Certifications serve a vital role in the national economy and the foundation of free exchange of goods and services.

DIN Certification No. 5B015 - English

DIN Certification No. 5B015 - German

DIN Certification No. 5B016 - English

DIN Certification No. 5B016 - German

I am pleased to announce that Pamela Walters is joining Flow Dry Technology as Human Resources Manager effective January 23, 2017. In this role, Pamela will report directly to me and be headquartered in Brookville where her primary focus will be on supporting Brookville as well as assisting operations in China and Hungary.

Pamela is a Human Resource professional with over 15 years of experience in HR Generalist roles at large organizations. Most recently, Pamela was HR Manager at ATS Assembly & Test, Inc. in Dayton where she was primarily responsible for recruiting talent, improving employee engagement, and developing training programs.

Pamela's prior experience will enable her to be a solid HR Business Partner to all Flow Dry associates. I expect that Pamela will introduce new systems and processes to build high performing teams and an energizing culture at all global Flow Dry locations to support our growth objectives.

Please welcome Pamela Walters to the Flow Dry team!!

Rahul Deshmukh
President & CEO

The Preferred Solution for Moisture Control and Product Protection for Healthcare Applications

While the adsorbent/desiccant does the hard work of preventing any moisture, odor or gas from affecting the packaged product, it must also be packaged to keep the adsorbent material properly contained.

That's where the cover-stock material that is used to house the adsorbent/desiccant plays a crucial role. Flow Dry's technical experts will propose the best cover-stock material or method of packaging.

A possible solution is Tyvek,® from DuPont, which has been accepted as the industry standard because it is:

  • Tear and puncture resistant (even after becoming wet)
  • Highly permeable for water, odor and gas molecules
  • Adsorbent dust remains inside the packet
  • Made of non-woven, high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
    NOTE: the same material that is used to make many drug bottles
  • Approved for direct contact with drugs and food

Click here to read the full Sorbatech Solution Brochure.

Flow Dry Technology manufactures the sealing, insulating and engineered component solutions our customers need for any die cut project while providing:

  • Responsive service, timely quotes and expert technical advice
  • Highly trained in-house staff and the latest design and engineering technology
  • Understanding of customer's competitive markets to provide the right solutions for each project
  • Established partnerships with key raw material manufacturers for the right application material
  • Materials and tooling knowledge providing cost-effective solutions for meeting the most challenging design criteria
  • Extensive press equipment capabilities and manufacturing, leveraging a highly experienced team

Click here to read the full Gasket & Die Cut Products Brochure.

Organizational Announcement

Monday 12th September 2016

I am pleased to announce that Jason Ward is joining Flow Dry Technology as Director- Engineering & New Product Development effective September 12, 2016. In this role, Jason will report directly to me.

Jason holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and brings with him more than 20 years of engineering, R&D and consulting experience. During the course of his research, Jason studied a number of molecular sieves and novel polymers while developing advanced gas-separation membrane materials. His work in this area ultimately led to several published articles and a patented process for modifying molecular sieves for use in composite membranes. His expertise in this realm will also play a significant role as we work on expanding our presence in and products and solutions for the non-automotive marketplace.

Most recently, Jason was Director, Engineering at a startup biotechnology/biofuels company in south Florida where he led the engineering team to develop, design, specify and construct equipment and systems.

Jason's prior experience and entrepreneurial mindset positions him well to build a strong engineering team at Flow Dry and enhance our new product development and commercialization capabilities globally in line with our growth ambitions.

Jason will soon be relocating his family from Florida to the Dayton area. Please welcome Jason Ward to the Flow Dry team!!

Rahul Deshmukh
President & CEO

Organizational Announcement

Tuesday 5th July 2016

I am pleased to announce that Greg Nicoulin is joining Flow Dry Technology as Supply Chain Manager for the Brookville business effective July 5, 2016. In this role, Greg will report directly to me.

Greg comes to Flow Dry Technology with 22 years of experience in various disciplines of supply-chain management, most of which have been in the automotive markets. His most recent position was with Sapa Extrusions in Sidney, Ohio, where he was the Materials Manager and led several successful automotive launches.

Greg’s prior experience positions him well to build a strong supply-chain team at Flow Dry and enhance our supply-chain capabilities to meet the future needs of our organization. As Supply Chain Manager, Greg’s responsibilities will include material planning, purchasing, supplier quality, inventory improvement and cost reductions. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Matt Ekberg, who provided great support to the Brookville team over the past several months as we transitioned through the change in leadership within the supply-chain team.

Greg received a bachelor's degree in Business Management from University of North Carolina, Pembroke. Greg resides in Troy with his stepson and has two adult children living in South Carolina.

Please welcome Greg Nicoulin to the Flow Dry technology team!! 

Rahul Deshmukh
President & CEO

When you start talking about absorbents and desiccants it can be a pretty dry subject!

No pun intended! But when we say "desiccant bag" to people on the street, they generally look at you as if to say "What?", then we say "silica gel packs - like the one's you find in the box with new shoes" and they go "Ohhh those drying bags!". Even within the industry there's a certain lack of awareness about the finer details of what's inside those little white bags. After all their just little white bags right... they're all the same, aren't they?

NO! Not All Little White Silica Gel Bags are Made Equal!

The truth is that they are not all the same. Here's just a few of the things that can vary, and have a large impact on the way the desiccant bag works:

  • The Bag Material - what's the outer bag made of? Tyvek, paper, cloth, composites?
  • The Sealing Mechanism - how is the bag sealed?
  • The Desiccant Material - what's in the bag? silica gel, clay, activated materials, composites, molecular sieve?
  • The Manufacturing Process - how was the product manufactured, which will impact on quality, reliability and cost.
  • Shipping - how was the product delivered to you? which again impacts on quality, etc.

For us, these are the things we think about every day. But we realise that there's just not good information out there and so some clients mistakingly think that one supplier is as good as the next. Well we've decided to help you make the right choice of desiccants by demystifying what we do. We're world leaders, based on three continents with over 70 years of experience so we're more than happy to share our knowledge. That's why you'll have noticed that recently we've been writing a lot more "informative and helpful" articles on our blog and we're extending the information you can find for free on our website:

Sorbatech - information

The image above shows our webpage on Sorbatech and demonstrates how we're adding a lot more helpful content to our site so that you have the right information you need to choose the best moisture control solution for your needs.

Looking For Some Really Useful Information About Silica Gel, Molecular Sieves and Desiccants?

The following articles are a great way to help you get started:

We're making this information available to the public because we want to help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting an adsorbent solution to moisture control. Feel free to use the share buttons below to share this information with anyone who may benefit. We know lots of startup companies and manufacturers who have overlooked the role desiccants can play in their product and packaging, or who've gone for the cheapest option only to discover they've wasted money. At least now with these articles, people can make better informed choices. Be part of the desiccant revolutions and help us spread the knowledge!

Free Desiccant/Adsorbent Consultation

But best of all whether you're an existing customer or just deciding to invest in product and packaging protecting moisture control solutions for the first time, our team of experts are ready to answer your questions... simply get in contact today.

Posted by John Logan at 11:50

With desiccant bag production Based in Hungary, in the heart of mainland Europe, we provide just in time delivery of silica gel bags, desiccant packs and adsorbent solutions to companies throughout the European Union. Solving moisture control problems in packaging and machinery. With the growth in pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and biomedical industries in Europe we are well placed to provide the moisture control solutions for medicinal/diagnostics packaging needs.

Desiccant Bag Silica Gel For Pharmaceutical Packaging EU

What Makes our Desiccant Bag Products (Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve etc.) Even Better?

Here are a few reasons why our desiccant/absorbent products are superior and yet remain so cost effective. Our state of the art desiccant bag machinery in Europe which came online in Q4 2015/Q1 2016 has the following advantages for the pharmaceutical market:

  1. Fully stainless steel/aluminium construction with all product interfacing parts made using AISI 304 Stainless steel means there is no paint, or oxidised metal to risk contamination of the desiccant or packaging materials.
  2. Much higher fill accuracy and heat sealed joints are much more reliable so much lower risk of product failure.
  3. Capable of using a wide variety of adsorbent materials including silica gel, clays and molecular sieves, which don't adsorb nitrogen.
  4. Capable of using a wide variety of desiccant bag film materials including Tyvek. These bags can be printed with your information, details, brand or instructions.
  5. The machine confirms to "Good Manufacturing Practice of the European Union" GMP of the EU.
  6. Innovative control software system conforms to the “Open Modular Architecture Controls association” which has members including Procter&Gamble, Kraft foods, Honda, Boeing, Daimler Chrysler. So you have peace of mind we're working efficiently and effectively.
  7. Our recuperative energy technology recycles the deceleration energy of the production process, back into the system, greatly reducing the energy footprint of production. These green benefits are shared with our clients.
  8. Based in Europe we can efficiently deliver our high quality products to whole of Europe. We provide a just in time delivery service which means you don't have to store our product in advance of needing it and you also get the freshest product available. For rest of world we also have production in China and the USA.

Silica Gel Desiccant Bags for Packaging of Electronics

Many of the advantages listed above for the pharmaceutical industry apply equally to providing desiccants like silica gel bags, molecular sieve packets for the packaging of electronic goods for sale or shipping. Our products are of a higher quality than many providers and we have over 70 years of experience in providing a customised product.

Our Europe based staff in Hungary speak English, Italian, German, Russian and of course Hungarian. To find out more get in contact today.

Posted by John Logan at 10:05

Flow Dry Technology are pioneers and leaders in the manufacturing and supply of cost effective, high quality desiccant and adsorbent bag solutions, used in both machinery and packaging. With production in the USA, Asia and Europe we provide "just in time" delivery throughout the world.

Desiccant Bag Production in Europe - Pharmaceutical Grade

We've recently invested in new state of the art adsorbent/desiccant bag production machinery which extends our capabilities further allowing us to provide an even higher quality, tailored desiccant bag solution.

  • Reduced setup and implementation times for custom bag sizes.
  • Higher quality even more reliable sealing of bags.
  • Capability to print your logo/details on the bags produced.
  • Even more accurate dosing.
  • The new machinery is even more energy efficient with recuperation functions allowing the motor deceleration energy to be recycled. This means that our production is greener having a smaller energy footprint, which is good for you and the environment.
  • A wider range of bag sizes.
  • Capable of filling with silica gel, molecular sieve, clay and other adsorbent materials.
  • Depending on your specification we can produce bags at over 100 bags per minute (bpm).

Our Europe based staff in Hungary speak English, Italian, German, Russian and of course Hungarian. To find out more get in contact today.

Posted by John Logan at 09:49

The end of 2015 is upon us so we'd like to look back at some of the news stories from the last 12 months. As well as big anouncements we're also interested in showing what our top news articles were in 2015.

December: Welcome Our New President and CEO - Rahul Deshmukh

Rahul Read the full story here.

Top 5 News Stories in 2015

The following were our top 5 news stories based on Google analytics for 2015.

5th Place: Protecting Your Products From Moisture Damage in Packaging, Storage and Shipping.

4th Place: Is Silica Gel The Right Desiccant to Protect Your Product From Moisture Damage?

3rd Place: Flow Dry Technology Welcomes Dee Jenkins to the Sales Team

2nd Place: Silica Gel Desiccant Versus Molecular Sieve Adsorbent: Which Desiccant is Best

1st Place: Flow Dry Kft. Receives AAA rating from Bisnode

Flow Dry - Superior Desiccant Supplier

Wishing you all a great start to 2016!

Posted by John Logan at 13:59

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