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At Flow Dry Technology Inc our motto is "Seal, Dry and Protect" and that's what we've been doing for products, equipment, machines, packaging and pharmaceuticals for over 70 years.

Seal, Dry, Protect - desiccants, adsorbents, gaskets

It is more than just a motto though, it is also a good description of what we do and how our range of products help our clients. Broadly speaking our product range can be divided into several categories:


These are things like our silica gel bags or molecular sieves. We've written a number of articles about desiccants nad how to choose the right one. Put simply desiccants will absorb or adsorb moisture from their surroundings. The primary reason you would need desiccants is to protect something from moisture damage.


Adsorbents, which may also function as desiccants can be used to control other types of contaminant such as gas or odour. As well as controlling moisture, adsorbents are typically used to maintain the freshness of a product in packaging.


Gaskets by definition are a compressible packing piece of material sandwiched between the faces or flanges of a joint to provide a fluid tight seal. We produce a number of different kinds of gaskets including temperature resistant and coated metal. We also have an excellent in house R&D and rapid prototyping facility where we collaborate with engineers and product designers to produce gaskets for innovative new products.


Combined-gaskets-desiccants-filtersThe above products help to seal, dry and protect all kinds of commodities and sometimes a solution is needed which provides all of the above roles combined. We also produce a range of products which include sealing, drying and protecting all in one product. A good example is filler caps which have an integrated gasket and contain desiccants too. Even something as seemingly simple as a lid for a pharmaceutical tablet bottle can contain a gasket to seal tight the lid and desiccants to remove any moisture within the bottle.

To find out more about the different adsorbent, desiccant, gasket and composite products we produce and deliver worldwide, please contact our sales team, for a free consultation about your needs.

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Posted by John Logan at 14:52

Dayton Gasket Manufacturer Welcomes Customer Service Representative

BROOKVILLE, OHIO (February 23, 2015) — Flow Dry Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of gaskets and die cut products, welcomes Dee Jenkins to the Flow Dry Sales Team.

“Dee will be primarily responsible for all inside sales activities for gasket and die cut products to insure that our customers continue to receive the highest level of service that their industry’s demand,” said Tim Shahan, Gasket Product Manager for Flow Dry Technology.

Dee’s background and experience consist of 26 years of customer service with Morning Pride Mfg., where she helped to grow their business with international and domestic accounts. Her background and experience will greatly enhance the Flow Dry sales team and help to continue the steady growth with existing customers and markets while working to expand into new markets.

Flow Dry Technology is a leading gasket and die cut products manufacturer with operations in the Dayton, Ohio area.  They produce high temperature exhaust and other gaskets and die cut products for automotive, HVAC, appliance and industrial applications with a focus on helping seal, dry and protect their customer’s products.    For more information, visit, email, or call 800-533-0077, ext-310. 

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Internationally, Bisnode has been rating companies in view of their reliabilities since 1908; its company information and company rating services are among the most wide-spread solutions across Europe. The AAA rating was introduced in 1989, and it is 1996 since companies have had the option to demonstrate their business reliability in the form of certificates, as well. The certificate is a means of showing to others that your company is a recognized, reliable and creditworthy entity.

The AAA rating takes a series of variables into consideration to establish on statistical grounds which Hungary's most reliable companies are. Boasting of triple A, double A or even A rating is not just source of reputation, but at the same time excellent indication to suppliers in relation to your financial reliability, a sign for the competitors or even your foreign shareholders what a steady actor your company is in the Hungarian market. Furthermore, you can imply confidence for your employees, or communicate to your customers that your company carries low risks, and therefore is worth making business with.

In Hungary, only 9.82% of the companies deserve AAA, AA or A rating, which means it is a distinction to have a Bisnode certificate. Being one of the country's most prestigious companies conveys the message to the market that companies with AAA, AA or A rating are safe to deal with, and can be counted on in the long term.

AAA – Highest CreditworthinessBisnode_cert

Only 0.63 % of the companies in Hungary have AAA (triple A) rating, and therefore the financial risks of establishing business relations with them are extremely low.

AA – Creditworthy

1.75% of Hungarian companies are entitled to AA (double A) rating. With them, one can enter into business relations with very low financial risks.

A – Creditworthy

In Hungary, only 7.44 % of the companies deserve A rating, which means excellent creditworthiness. Business relations established with them carry low financial risks. (From

Csaba Göntér, Operations Manager of Flow Dry Kft. said: „We are proud to receive the AAA rating from Bisnode and be part of the presigious circle of companies who are safe to deal with. This is a proof for our shareholders and business partners of our reliability and stability.

The results were also published in the business newspaper Figyelo:














You can download the certificate from our Literature page.

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Posted by Gabriella Szilvasi at 14:02

Summary: Today there are more laminated composite gasket material options available to handle hard to seal fluid and higher temperature gasket applications than in the past.

Newer solid core options provide for greater sealability when dealing with fluid sealing applications where the higher strength of a laminated composite is desirable but more common perforated metal core gasket material options lack the sealing performance in this environment. The availability of core materials such as electrolytic tin plated low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum can provide options for greater corrosion resistance and cost. The solid core composites utilize a highly flexible cured adhesive to provide the necessary bond strength to withstand the fabrication and moderate temperature application environments.


Fluid sealing applications with narrow cross sections or low flange loading can be effectively sealed when the solid core materials are paired with one of the facing options such as non-asbestos fiber and enhanced flexible graphite.


For non-fluid applications with high heat conditions where the standard vermiculite or enhanced graphite composites do not meet the higher temperature needs, HT514 is a new composite with a proprietary extreme temperature facing. This material may be a solution for the difficult-to-seal hot gas applications with temperatures up to the 1,000°C/1922°F range.


This extreme high temperature material features a high-alloy perforated stainless steel core for a stronger mechanical bond to provide stability and integrity when exposed to high heat, vibration and scrubbing. An additional advantage to the stainless steel core is that is has good recovery and load retention properties which are desirable for long-term reliability and sealing performance.

So if you are challenged with a hard to seal application where you have to seal fluids such as fuels, oils, coolants, water and steam, a solid core metal-reinforced/laminated composite gasket material may offer a solution. If the sealing challenge is a high heat condition such as an exhaust manifold or system gasket, turbocharger or other extreme temperature applications, HT514 can survive where other gasket material options fail to provide adequate service life and should be considered.


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Posted by Gabriella Szilvasi at 13:07

Using pressure indicating film to validate gasket materials for sealing applications

Summary: Pressure indicating film is a quick and affective tool to evaluate whether there is adequate load to create a seal with a gasket in a joint based on the type of gasket material specified.                                   

The use of pressure indicating film provides for a quick and simple tool to evaluate whether or not there is sufficient clamping load or “flange pressure” being generated in a joint, such as an exhaust system flange, to create a seal. It is important to understand how much flange pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), is created when load is applied to the joint because each type of gasket material has a minimum recommended load to seal requirement.

The pressure indicating film reacts to force that is applied to the film that has been placed in the joint with the gasket material being evaluated. As forced is applied, the film provides for an instantaneous topographical image of the clamping load or pressure distribution across the flange surface, the more intense the color, the higher the pressure reading. While the immediate image is useful for initial evaluation of the joint, a more detailed analysis of the pressure distribution can be obtained through a secondary scanning service of the image. This can provide comprehensive data on the average, high and low pressure readings across the flange surface and other statistical data.

To conduct an analysis using the pressure indicating film, it requires the application hardware (flange assembly with specified fasteners, the gaskets to be evaluated and the correct pressure indicating film, usually pre-cut to the specific gasket geometry for the application. The pressure indicating film is available in various pressure ranges and the correct range must be used in order to obtain the range of pressure data required to evaluate the joint. If too low of a range is selected, the film will max out at the upper limit of the film before adequate data on the pressure variation can be obtained. Likewise, if too high of a film range is selected, little or no data will be obtained. Once all the components necessary have been obtained, a new gasket is placed in the joint with the film and load is applied per the recommended torque specifications and tightening sequence for the application. The joint is then disassembled for an initial evaluation of the film. This can generally be done in a lab, shop or field environment, depending on size and accessibility to the required hardware.

After the initial evaluation has been obtained, variations in gasket material type, thickness, fastener types and torque applied can be evaluated to determine the optimum combination for the sealing application. All of which can be beneficial for both trouble shooting existing applications or initial validation of a gasket material for  new applications.

Conclusion: The use of pressure indicating film allows for an initial qualification of a gasket material which can reduce the amount of time and cost spent to validating a material for a new application. Flow Dry Technology offers this service when partnering with customers to provide sealing solutions for gasket programs.

To find out more about the use of pressure indicating film to validate gasket materials for sealing applications, please go to our gasket website or contact




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