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Brookville, Ohio - Flow Dry Technology, an industry leading manufacturer of adsorbent, sealing and insulating solutions, today launched the OptiClear Anti-Condensation Solution for headlamps in automobiles.

This innovative new product is the only desiccant based anti-condensation solution which is proven and easy to install for OEMs and aftermarket. The OptiClear is designed to perform over the life of the headlamp and is self-regenerating and can therefore eliminate issues associated with moisture in headlamps.

"Our customers asked us to solve the persistent problem of condensation in headlamps, and we delivered the only proven, long-lasting solution, which also provides the lowest total cost of ownership," said Jason Ward, Director, Engineering & New Products at Flow Dry.

"Flow Dry is the expert in designing and manufacturing highly innovative solutions to protect, seal and dry our customers' products, and we are thrilled to deliver this new and innovative product to address a major problem faced by our automotive customers around the globe," said Rahul Deshmukh, President & CEO at Flow Dry.

Flow Dry is on a mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive by providing advanced adsorbent solutions that protect, seal and dry its customers products. For more information visit www.

About Flow Dry Technology, Inc.

Flow Dry Technology, Inc. is a leading adsorbent manufacturer headquartered in Brookville, Ohio with additional manufacturing operations also in Europe and China. Flow Dry provides a full line of standard desiccant products and the capability to custom design innovative solutions to protect, seal and dry our customers’ products.

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