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Brookville, Ohio - Flow Dry Technology, an industry leader in adsorbent solutions, is excited to announce that it has earned a 2018 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award. The award acknowledges GM's most reliable and successful supplier partners throughout its automobile supply and manufacturing chain. Flow Dry also received this award in 2017.

"The key to Flow Dry’s success is our focus on understanding our customers’ needs so that we can provide innovative solutions of the highest quality," said Rahul Deshmukh, Flow Dry President and CEO. "This recognition from GM is an honor that demonstrates our unwavering commitment to deliver quality and excellence to our customers."

"We would like to thank Flow Dry for another exceptional year of partnership," said Edward Paul Sandell, Supplier Quality Engineer for General Motors Component Holdings, Lockport, NY. "Suppliers like Flow Dry are a critical part of our success in delivering award-winning vehicles that keep customers safe and happy."

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