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As a result of aggressively pursuing its growth strategy to expand into the non-automotive sector, Flow Dry Kft. has been successfully awarded DIN 55473 certifications for both Silica Gel and Clay desiccant bags.

These certifications will cover Flow Dry’s SorbaTech® brand products across the entire European market. This will further support the company’s commitment to delivering new, differentiated and quality products to its global customers. This new DIN certification covers Flow Dry’s Silica Gel and Clay desiccant bags with all types of packaging materials including Tyvek, fleece and craft paper.

“These certifications represent an important step in the evolution of our SorbaTech® product line,” said President & CEO, Rahul Deshmukh. “We are always focused on introducing new and better products globally to assist our customers in their success.”

SorbaTech® products contain adsorbents that have the capability to pull moisture, odor and gases away from the product and keep it contained. In addition to its standard unit bag product line, Flow Dry Kft. offers a wide range of single pack and strip pack solutions.

Flow Dry Kft. ensures complete customer satisfaction through advanced engineering support and its signature “Just In Time” delivery guarantee.

DIN CERTCO is the certification organization of TÜV Rheinland Group and DIN, the German Institute for Standardization. It is highly regarded around the world for its independence, neutrality, and competence from more than 40 years of field experience. Standards are indispensable instruments in protecting the environment and customer interests. Certifications serve a vital role in the national economy and the foundation of free exchange of goods and services.

DIN Certification No. 5B015 - English

DIN Certification No. 5B015 - German

DIN Certification No. 5B016 - English

DIN Certification No. 5B016 - German

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