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Flow Dry Technology are pioneers and leaders in the manufacturing and supply of cost effective, high quality desiccant and adsorbent bag solutions, used in both machinery and packaging. With production in the USA, Asia and Europe we provide "just in time" delivery throughout the world.

Desiccant Bag Production in Europe - Pharmaceutical Grade

We've recently invested in new state of the art adsorbent/desiccant bag production machinery which extends our capabilities further allowing us to provide an even higher quality, tailored desiccant bag solution.

  • Reduced setup and implementation times for custom bag sizes.
  • Higher quality even more reliable sealing of bags.
  • Capability to print your logo/details on the bags produced.
  • Even more accurate dosing.
  • The new machinery is even more energy efficient with recuperation functions allowing the motor deceleration energy to be recycled. This means that our production is greener having a smaller energy footprint, which is good for you and the environment.
  • A wider range of bag sizes.
  • Capable of filling with silica gel, molecular sieve, clay and other adsorbent materials.
  • Depending on your specification we can produce bags at over 100 bags per minute (bpm).

Our Europe based staff in Hungary speak English, Italian, German, Russian and of course Hungarian. To find out more get in contact today.

Posted by John Logan at 09:49

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