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Flow Dry Kft. Receives AAA rating from Bisnode 8th January 2015
Flow Dry Technology Welcomes Dee Jenkins to the Sales Team 6th March 2015
Water, the Invisible Enemy. Are Your Products at Risk? 17th April 2015
Protecting Your Products From Moisture Damage in Packaging, Storage and Shipping. 18th June 2015
Did you Know? 6 Ways to Preserve the Potency and Shelf Life of Silica Gel & Desiccants/Adsorbents Supplies 18th August 2015
Are You Wasting Money With Your Desiccant and Silica Gel Bag Supplier? 25th September 2015
QUIZ: Do You Know the Difference Between Adsorbent & Absorbent? When is an Adsorbent not a Desiccant? 29th September 2015
Silica Gel Desiccant Versus Molecular Sieve Adsorbent: Which Desiccant is Best 3rd October 2015
Is Silica Gel The Right Desiccant to Protect Your Product From Moisture Damage? 22nd October 2015
Flow Dry Technology, Inc. Announces Rahul Deshmukh as newly appointed President and CEO. 3rd December 2015
Sealing, Drying & Protecting - How Flow Dry Technology's Gaskets, Desiccants and Adsorbents Protect Machines, Packaging and More 3rd December 2015
How Cheap Desiccants Can Damage or Destroy Air Conditioning Systems. 4th December 2015
Why AD-1 is the Economical Choice Desiccant for Automotive AC Systems Using HFC-134a & 1234yf 25th December 2015
What Factors Must You Consider When Selecting The Right Gasket Solution For Your Application? 30th December 2015
Flow Dry Company - End of Year News Round-Up 31st December 2015
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