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At Flow Dry Technology Inc our motto is "Seal, Dry and Protect" and that's what we've been doing for products, equipment, machines, packaging and pharmaceuticals for over 70 years.

Seal, Dry, Protect - desiccants, adsorbents, gaskets

It is more than just a motto though, it is also a good description of what we do and how our range of products help our clients. Broadly speaking our product range can be divided into several categories:


These are things like our silica gel bags or molecular sieves. We've written a number of articles about desiccants nad how to choose the right one. Put simply desiccants will absorb or adsorb moisture from their surroundings. The primary reason you would need desiccants is to protect something from moisture damage.


Adsorbents, which may also function as desiccants can be used to control other types of contaminant such as gas or odour. As well as controlling moisture, adsorbents are typically used to maintain the freshness of a product in packaging.


Gaskets by definition are a compressible packing piece of material sandwiched between the faces or flanges of a joint to provide a fluid tight seal. We produce a number of different kinds of gaskets including temperature resistant and coated metal. We also have an excellent in house R&D and rapid prototyping facility where we collaborate with engineers and product designers to produce gaskets for innovative new products.


Combined-gaskets-desiccants-filtersThe above products help to seal, dry and protect all kinds of commodities and sometimes a solution is needed which provides all of the above roles combined. We also produce a range of products which include sealing, drying and protecting all in one product. A good example is filler caps which have an integrated gasket and contain desiccants too. Even something as seemingly simple as a lid for a pharmaceutical tablet bottle can contain a gasket to seal tight the lid and desiccants to remove any moisture within the bottle.

To find out more about the different adsorbent, desiccant, gasket and composite products we produce and deliver worldwide, please contact our sales team, for a free consultation about your needs.

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