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Dead Desiccants

Some companies are literally throwing money down the drain by purchasing silica gel bags and adsorbent desiccant supplies from less than optimum suppliers. At Flow Dry Technology we know from over 70 years of experience in the field that even if two suppliers say they are starting with the same raw materials, the quality of the product that ends up at your door can be completely different and sometimes you wont even be able to tell the difference, until it's too late!

You could be putting completely useless silica gel desiccant bags or moisture adsorbents into your packaging, products & machinery, with damaging effects.

But what's so bad? When you look at our recent article on moisture damage in packaging you'll quickly understand that moisture can build up pretty quickly even with limited temperature changes so you really need your silica gel desiccants, and moisture absorbers to be in optimal condition at the moment you put them in your packaging, products and machinery. You wouldn't want to put dead batteries into your electronic devices, would you? Likewise, you certainly don't want to use dead desiccants and moisture adsorbents when you could be using high quality long life adsorbents, and silica gel packets.

Why Are Flow Dry Technology's Desiccants and Silica Gel Adsorbents the Trusted Choice for Big Industry?

We only manufacture our desiccant silica gel & molecular sieves, and moisture/odor adsorbents in moisture controlled and contaminant free environments.  Flow Dry Technology Inc. has a long history of providing desiccant products into applications where customers, just like you, demand absolutely low moisture levels - and Flow Dry exceeds the customer expectations. So it is no wonder our products are trusted by companies like General Motors!

Flow Dry Technology's Desiccants, Silica Gel Reels, and Moisture Adsorbents are Shipped Ready to Use.

Our products are manufactured in the USA, China and Mainland Europe, which means we can deliver all of world with less travel time helping preserve the product quality. Furthermore we deliver Just in Time (JIT) which means that our product isn't sitting in storage at your site for a long time. This also saves you the need for additional storage space. When we pack the products we seal them in moisture controlled environments with a water barrier bag. We can even place indicator humidity cards inside the moisture barrier bags so that you can have peace of mind that the bags contents are in optimal condition and ready to function and protect your product and packaging from moisture damage.

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Posted by John Logan at 15:31

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