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In our last article we explained why Flow Dry Technologies desiccants, such as molecular sieves, silica gel and other moisture adsorbents maintain their high quality moisture control properties during manufacture and shipping so you are delivered a superior desiccant product. But did you realise there are steps that you can take to make sure that the desiccants stay in top performing condition, able to adsorb more water, once you have taken delivery of them?

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Six Ways To Keep Silica Gel Desiccants Fresh

  1. Keep the desiccants in their moisture barrier bags until they are needed. Only open the bags when ready to use them.
  2. Only remove as much desiccants from their moisture barrier bags as can be used in 5 mins, and reseal the bags containing the desiccants promptly.
  3. Avoid excessively moving the desiccants in their moisture barrier bag to prevent the air within the bag moving around or introducing fresh moisture laden air.
  4. Keep silica gel desiccants within temperature and moisture limits below 70 +- 2 degrees F and less than 60% humidity. Our factories produce our desiccants, moisture adsorbents and silica gel at humidity levels much much lower!
  5. While in the warehouse, do not expose the desiccant/adsorbent packaging to direct water or high moisture conditions.
  6. If your production assembly is going to stop for more than 1 hour then any open moisture barrier bags should to be sealed shut with either a heat seal or tie wrap that will stop any air movement inside the bag, and prevent external moisture from entering!

Superior Support, Before and After Sales

We are collaborators, and innovators with a company ethos that promotes constant improvement through research and development. Testimony to this is the fact we have many desiccant patents and adsorbent quality awards from industry. So when you work with us we're in a position to provide pre-sales consultancy and advice on the best solution for your moisture control challenge and for all our existing and new customers we are available to assess, review and suggest improvements to your desiccant use protocols so that you get the best from our high quality desiccant and adsorbent products.

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