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Demystifying the Importance of Packaging in Moisture Control

There is a lot of mathematics and chemistry know-how that goes into designing effective protection against moisture damage in packaging. That's what we do at Flow Dry Technologies and we work with all industries across the globe to help companies large and small get the most effective solutions for their moisture control. Everyone from the Automotive and Engineering sectors through to Pharmaceutical, Medical and Biotechnology sectors. If you've got a product we will protect it!

Did You Know That Temperature is One of the Most Important Aspects in Moisture Damage?

When you pack your product and seal it away there's a couple of things that are really important:

  1. What was the temperature of the packaging room?
  2. What was the relative humidity?

Let's have a bit of fun and explore why temperature and humidy are so important in moisture control.

Let's say it was 85 Deg F (that's about 30 Degrees Celsius) in the packing room.

The Relative Humidity (RH) that day was 70%

Relative Humidity (RH) is equal to the Partial Pressure of water vapour (P) divided by the saturated Vapour Pressure (Psat).

P/Psat = RH

So we know that P/Psat = 0.70 (70%)

When we lookup 85 Deg F on the graph below we see that Psat is 0.6 PSIA.

Temperature and Moisture pressure curve

So we can calculate the water pressure (P) at 85 Deg F with RH of 70% as:

P/Psat = RH

P/0.6 = 0.70

P = 0.70 x 0.6

P = 0.42 PSIA

Why is knowing the Pressure of Water Important?

At the very moment the watertight packaging was sealed there was 0.42 PSIA of moisture sealed in the packaging and this value is now fixed. What do you think is going to happen when the product is shipped overnight and the temperature drops to 45 Deg F?

As the temperature drops the saturation water vapour pressure decreases. When the saturated vapour pressure equals the actual vapour pressure then any further drop in temperature means that the water vapour is no longer supported and the moisture forms condensation.

Looking at the curve (the blue line) the Dew Point Temperature for the actual water pressure in the packaging 0.42 PSIA is approx 72 Deg F. So as the temperature falls below 72 Deg F the moisture condenses out and the inside of the packaging becomes rather wet. Water is now free to interact with the contents of the packaging (your product!) and that is usually a problem.

Flow Dry Desiccants: a Simple and Cost Effective Solution to Moisture Problems in Packaging

If all this maths has left you scratching your head, then the good news is help is at hand. The simply way of remember this is that "as the packaging cools the real risk of condensation increases". The solution is simple. Working with us we will advise you on the right desiccant solution to ensure that the inside of your packaging remains dry even as the temperature drops. Our desiccant solutions are designed to mop up the free moisture buffering your product and packaging from the moisture trauma caused by the temperature fluctuations all packaging faces when in transit or even daily in storage. To find out more (and let our experts do the maths for you) please feel free to get in contact.

Posted by John Logan at 18:09

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