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When you make and package products for shipping or sale there's lots of things to consider from costs, marketing, logistics etc. But how often do people stop to consider water?
Water is everywhere, it's in the air, it falls as rain, we breath it out, and it's even a constituent of many water based products and materials. But water also reacts with things, just think of how a little bit of water can rust a piece of iron.

Flow Dry Rust and Water
Protecting your Products from Water

There are two main sources of water that can damage your products:

  1. Water from outside, leaking into or reacting with your packaging and products.
  2. Water trapped within the packaging and product.

How Does Water Damage Products?

When we talk about water damaging a product it is easy to imagine books ruined by rain or clothes soaked with their colours run. But in much more subtle ways damage can also occur, and while it's not as visible or tangible it can have a devastating effect on your product quality and hence your brands reputation. For example water can:

  • Make products go out of date quicker.
  • Damage the effectiveness of medicine.
  • Change the flavour of foods.
  • Weaken or change the physical structure of a material.
  • Change the colour or consistency of materials.

Pharmaceutical Products and Water.

In the world of medicines, diagnostic reagents, drugs and biological reagents it is really important that the product remains effective and stable. But here is one area where water and moisture can really be a problem causing a loss of stability, viability or function:

  1. Water promotes the growth of mildew, fungus and mold.
  2. Some polymers swell up in high humidity causing weakness.
  3. Water forms hydrates with some crystaline structures, changing their composition.
  4. Water soluble coatings, like sugar coatings on tablets and pills are naturally prone to degredation by water.

The Cost Effective Way to Prevent Water Damage for Products and Pharmaceuticals?

It is clear that water and moisture damage is a real problem for products in storage, on the shelf and in transit. But the solution is very cost effective. With the correctly chosen desiccant solution products can be protected and have their shelf life extended. At Flow Dry we are experts at moisture control and we have a dedicated R&D department to help companies develop the perfect moisture control and water damage prevention solution. Contact us today to find out more about our range of desiccants and moisture control solutions.

Posted by John Logan at 14:11

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