International Supply Chain & Customer Base

International Reliable Just-In-Time Delivery

International Just In Time Supply of Desiccants, Gaskets etc. Flow Dry Technology provides just-in-time delivery to our customers' plants around the globe, which means that when you work with us you can save the costs of unnecessary warehouse space. We have a number of manufacturing plants across the globe allowing delivery to almost any location within one or two days:

Cost Effective Seal, Dry and Protect Solutions

While foreign currency fluctuates based on complex economic and market forces throughout the world, the ultimate cost effective solution is local sourcing. Our manufacturing plants are therefore located close to the world's largest and most rapidly growing markets for the benefit of both small and large customers, like Parker Hannifin, Denso, and General Motors. Being located closer to you means that we can provide you a more localized and attentive service.

We look forward to serving your needs as a customer. Our team members keep our ethical policy and values at the forefront of dealing with our customers and stake-holders. When we tell you something, we always do our very best to "do what we say we will do". In the free market society, we are successful because we are guided by making the right decisions to truly help you. We look forward to working with you and to find out more please get in contact.

Flow Dry Locations Map