Die Cut Bottle Cap Liners and Gaskets

Die Cut Bottle Cap Liners and Gaskets

Our die cut bottle lid liners and gaskets provide excellent sealing solutions for bottle caps, specialty container closures, pump dispensing applicators and cap liner applications. These bottle cap liners and gaskets are designed to control the passage of moisture, fluids and gases with the following benefits in mind:

What Materials Do We Manufacture Bottle Cap Styled Gaskets and Liners From?

At Flow Dry we supply a variety of material options for bottle cap gaskets and liners including foamed polyethylene and composites incorporating aluminum foil. Aluminum (a.k.a. Aluminium) provides enhanced chemical resistance and additional moisture barrier properties, and is also a lightweight material, idea for shipping applications.

Typical Applications of "Bottle Cap" Liners and Gaskets

I Need to Integrate My Bottle Cap with Desiccants. Is This Something Flow Dry can Do?

We are leading innovators in the field of moisture control, sealing and drying for both equipment, machinery and packaging applications. We already produce a number of hybrid products such as filler caps incorporating a gasket, desiccants and filters. We have a dedicated research and development rapid prototyping facility to help you prototype new gasket based solutions.