Flow Dry Automotive Exhaust Gaskets

Flow Dry are the leaders in Automotive Gaskets and the Fabrication Prototypes industry

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• 1 • Exhaust Gaskets 2 & 3 Bolt Flange
Hi Temp Composite
301, 304, 309 SS
Diesel System
V-Band Clamp Flange

• 2 • Interior Noise & Vibration
Peel-N Stick

• 3 • Engine Gaskets EGR Valve
Heat Shield
Water Pump
Housing Cover
Intake Manifold

• 4 • A/C System Gaskets Compressor
Protective Foam Sleeves
Rubber Coated Aluminum & Steel
Non-Asbestos Fiber

A leader in automotive exhaust gasket and sealing technology, Flow Dry Technology employs a highly trained in-house staff and the latest design and engineering technology in the gasket, packaging and sealing business.

Featuring a complete range of automotive gasket materials, from high-temperature composite gaskets to kiss-cut, peel and stick foam gaskets, Flow Dry provides quick quotes, fast outstanding service and sound technical advice.

Flow Dry Gaskets Benefits

collage of gaskets and gasket accessories. collage of gaskets and gasket accessories.

High Temperature Exhaust Gaskets

Marman Flange Gasket - High temperature, v-band clamp style flange gaskets utilizing anti-oxidant enhanced, flexible graphite composite gasket material for improved sealing and formability to temperatures up to 816°C/1500°F. Typical applications would include the automotive industry.

Exhaust Gaskets for Engines, Automotive, and Diesel - High-temperature gaskets using material specifically designed for automotive, diesel and small engine exhaust applications are currently available in the following finished gauges:

High-temperature facing materials such as ceramic and vermiculite fibers are mechanically bonded to an electrolytic tin plated steel or stainless steel core, providing stability and integrity when exposed to high heat, scrubbing, and vibration. Various facing materials are available including expanded graphite, to provide for the most economical composite to meet your application requirements.

collage of gaskets and gasket accessories.

Fluid Injector Nozzle, Valve and Sensor Gaskets

Flow Dry provides a wide variety of composite material options for fluid injector nozzle and valve and sensor gaskets. Gasket materials are available to provide for the best sealing solution for fluids or hot gases based on temperature requirements and flange design variables.

collage of gaskets and gasket accessories.

Laminated Composite Automotive Gaskets

High-temperature Laminated Composite Gasket Materials provide for a robust sealing option for exhaust gasses with temperatures up to 816°C/1500°F utilizing flexible graphite on a perforated low carbon steel or stainless steel core. A Vermiculite / Ceramic fiber composite option provides sealing options with temperatures up to 1000°C/1800°F with either a perforated low carbon steel or stainless steel core. Laminated Composite Gasket Material options are per ASTM F-868.