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• 1 • Exhaust Gaskets 2 & 3 Bolt Flange
Hi Temp Composite
301, 304, 309 SS
Diesel System
V-Band Clamp Flange

• 2 • Interior Noise & Vibration
Peel-N Stick

• 3 • Engine Gaskets EGR Valve
Heat Shield
Water Pump
Housing Cover
Intake Manifold

• 4 • A/C System Gaskets Compressor
Protective Foam Sleeves
Rubber Coated Aluminum & Steel
Non-Asbestos Fiber

collage of gaskets and gasket accessories. A leader in gasket and sealing technology, Flow Dry Technology employs a highly trained in-house staff and the latest design and engineering technology in the gasket, packaging and sealing business.

Featuring a complete range of gasket materials, from high temperature composite gaskets to kiss-cut, peel and stick foam gaskets, Flow Dry provides quick quotes, fast outstanding service and sound technical advice. Whether you're looking for rapid prototyping or production, we'll provide the start-to-finish product management you need - at the right price.