Rapid Prototyping of Gaskets & Die Cut Parts

Rapid Prototype Capability

Flow Dry Technology, Inc. now has even greater rapid prototyping capabilities for gaskets and diecut parts. In response to customer needs for quicker turn around times when developing and evaluating new designs, or changes to existing applications; Flow Dry has added the latest technology for cost effective, high speed, precision cutting of most non-metallic materials.

From CAD Design to Physical Prototype in Less Than 48 Hours

With the addition of a Kongsberg precision gasket cutting machine, new samples or prototypes can be provided from your CAD files. This eliminates the need for temporary tooling or pre-production tooling. Send us your CAD file via e-mail for quicker turn around time. We can handle most any CAD format, including .DWG, .DXF, or .IGES. If we have material in stock, we can usually ship completed parts in 24 - 48 hours.

Prototyping Gaskets/DieCut Parts Without CAD

If you do not have CAD file format and need more assistance with the design development for your application, our AutoCAD capability and the Artios CAD system make design development easy. From your faxed or mailed drawing, a design can be quickly created, modified, and redesigned (revisions are a snap).

Non-Metallic Gasket Material Prototyping

The Kongsberg gasket cutter can accurately cut most non-metallics such as:

Applications For Prototype Gaskets and Die Cuts

With the ability to cut this broad range of materials, Flow Dry can easily help you develop applications such as:

Advantages of the Kongsberg Precision Gasket Cutting Machine

When you have an application that you would like to have us review, please call your customer service contact, talk to Karlene Smith or Contact Us.