In-House Fuji Film Gasket Analysis

Fuji Film Analysis for gaskets Flow Dry Technology has the ability to analyze your sealing applications using Fuji Prescale/Pressurex Films. They provide detailed analysis of the total force, average pressure, and total square inches of contact over a sealing/flange surface area, plus, a graphical display of pressure distribution. Contact us to determine the proper film pressure range for any given sealing application. With a drawing of a flange surface or current gasket, Flow Dry can provide a pre-cut, prescale film that is ready to assemble in the joint (Flow Dry can assist with this process). Once the pressure has been applied to the joint assembly, with the gasket in place, the film is removed and can be read for immediate sealing pressure feedback, or Flow Dry can use it to supply a complete analysis of the sealing application. The analysis is generally available for a minimal cost; please contact Flow Dry for more information.