Desiccant Supply in Zytecs Shipping Containers

Zytecs Shipping Option for Desiccants Zytecs Shipping Crate for Desiccants

3 Options for Protecting Desiccant Products Supplied Within the Zytec Shipping Container

 Inner Packaging MethodProduct Shelf Life
Zytecs Shipping Container for Desiccants Zytec with plastic poly or nylon bags
Polypro or Nylon bags are a reliable way to ship product that turns frequently.
3 Months
Zytecs Shipping Container for Desiccants with Cardboard boxes Zytec with cardboard boxes
Parts can also be placed in a Zytec inside cardboard boxes for easy stacking and storage. See the section on cardboard boxes for shipping.
Depends on what's in the boxes.
Zytecs Shipping Container for Desiccants with Foil laminate and Card Zytec with heavy 4 mil foil laminate bags
Cardboard dividers can be added to support weight on bags on second level and reduce movement of bags. Cardboard dividers engineered by packaging specialist to hold 550 pounds of desiccant bags per layer, with multiple layers.
6 Months

Foil Laminate Packaging Options to Consider

different types of foil laminate packaging for desiccants The 4mm foil laminate bag packaging option provides the longest desiccant product shelf life. The desiccants can be shipped individually wrapped or with multiples per bag.

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