Desiccant Supply in Sealed Metal Drums

Stacked sealed metal drums in warehouse The standard in the industry for desiccant shipping containers is a 55 gallon sealed drum. A 4 mil poly bag is inserted inside the drum to protect the desiccant bags from contamination and moisture. The desiccant bags are then bulk packed into the 4 mil poly bag inside the drum container. A recent trend has been to package 50 desiccant bags inside a 3 mil poly bag to allow easy removal and handling. The 3 mil bag is then placed inside the 55 gallon drum for shipment. Past experience shows using 55 gallon drums provides the best protection for the desiccant bags. Each 55 gallon drum will hold between 1000 and 1200 desiccant bags. It is also the most cost effective method to ship desiccant product.

Comparing Metal Drum Lining Bags

Bag TypeM.V.T.R*Compared to Poly
Poly1-5 MVTRn/a
Nylon/Poly 0.2 MVTRApprox 20 times better
Foil 0.003 MVTRApprox 500 times better
*M.V.T.R. stands for "Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate", a measure of the passage of gaseous H2O through a barrier. It is also known as "W.V.T.R." or "Water Vapor Transmission Rate". The lower the number the better.

Advantages of Metal Drums:

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