Raw Materials Used In Desiccant Product Manufacturing

Better Performing Desiccant and Adsorbent Products like Silica Gel, Start with The Right Raw Materials

At Flow Dry Technology we have been supplying gaskets and adsorbent/desiccant products since the 1940's and we have developed a wide expertize and engineering experience working with many absorbent, desiccant materials. As well as developing our own materials we have also partnered with a number of reliable suppliers to provide best in class moisture management products, including silica and molecular sieve desiccant bags, strip bags, integrated filters etc.

Choosing the Right Adsorbent and Absorbent Materials For the Job

We have an extensive range of desiccant solutions including our well known SorbaTech® Silica Gel Bags range. We also make a number of other products including High Temperature Gaskets and automotive plugs & filters.

Innovative Custom Desiccant Bag Solutions and Supply

With all our adsorbent bag products we know that sometimes you may need something a little bit more special. For example:

To provide these custom desiccant bag solutions we also provide a custom desiccant bag product design and manufacturing service giving you access to years of experience of putting together the right materials to solve your sealing, drying and protecting needs.

Desiccant Bag Raw Materials

Desiccant Bag Manufacturing Material

Flow-Dry® desiccant bags can be manufactured from a wide range of desiccant bag outer materials:

Desiccant Water Adsorbing Materials

Flow Dry® packaging equipment is designed in-house by Flow Dry Technology process engineers. Highly reliable and adaptive, Flow-Dry desiccant bag packaging equipment can provide a package with any available adsorbent or absorbent agent such as silica gel beads, molecular sieve, clay or other specified drying material. Although XH-7 and XH-9 from UOP are the most commonly used desiccants for automotive applications, packages can also be provided to meet application specifications using a variety of desiccant manufacturers including UOP, Zeochem, Grace, or ATOFINA.

Flow Dry AD-1® Molecular Sieve Adsorbent

Flow Dry® Technology AD-1® molecular sieve adsorbent was created in response to a strong market need for a high quality, high performing, yet economical desiccant for drying HFC-134a and other refrigerants. AD-1 provides a high quality solution which is more economic alternative to classical desiccants used to removed moisture from automotive air conditioning units.

The Benefits and Qualities of AD-1:

AD-1® Molecular Sieve Desiccant
AD-1® Molecular Sieve Automotive Adsorbent
PropertyTypical Values
Water Capacity (wt%)17%
LOI 960º C, max (wt%)1.0%
Density, min (lbs/ft3)53 (0.848 gm/ml)
Crush, avg 25 beads, min (lbs.f)14 (62.0 N)
Attrition, max (wt%)2.0%

Click here to understand more about the strict testing procedures we employ to ensure quality control and high performance.

AD-1® Bead Sizes Available:

AD-1® molecular sieve standard bead size is 8x12 mesh (2mm). Other bead sizes may be made available.

Quality Assurance

AD-1® molecular sieve production is rigorously tested, using advanced testing equipment and methods, for strict compliance to industry standards.

Safety and Handling

Contact Flow Dry's adsorbent experts for a free consultation about your desiccant and adsorbent requirements. We can also provide a copy of the AD-1® molecular sieve MSDS and our team are ready for any questions related to handling the products. We have a library of useful information and datasheets for the desiccants and adsorbent products we manufacture and supply. Also have a look at our news feed as we publish in depth articles about desiccants and answering questions like which desiccant is the right one for your needs?.