Innovative Solutions

At Flow Dry Technology we have been developing solutions to seal, dry and protect products, machinery and electronics since 1947. With many active patents to our name and a fully functional research and development capability including CAD design, rapid prototyping capabilities and industrial materials and products testing facilities, which makes us well placed to collaborate with you to develop bespoke solutions to your moisture, gas and odour control challenges.

We are based on three continents and have built our success and reputation by delivering high quality, reliable and trusted products.

Improved Reliability and Quality Through Innovative Design.

desiccant seam strength testing chart Just one example of innovative design is our Flow Dry welded seam construction for desiccant bags which reduces the seam length by 50% providing a more reliable, longer living desiccant solution

Flow Dry Technology Patents

Below are just some of the patents we have filed for innovative technology in the gasket, desiccant, filter and plug industries.