Flow Dry Desiccants Provide Moisture/Gas Control in Healthcare Applications

The presence of moisture, and other volatiles, in packaging can pose a critical challenge to the stability and long-term shelf life of many healthcare products. We provide a wide range of standard products to manage moisture and volatiles and extend the shelf life of your products. There are many factors to consider in improving shelf life of products:

All of these factors need to be considered when choosing a desiccant solution.

Our standard solutions consist of packets, strip packs and bags. The main options for sorbent fills are:

Silica gel is the most commonly used desiccant due to the fact it was the first one approved for food contact applications. It is relatively cheap and has good moisture adsorption, but it does begin to give up its moisture at temperatures above 80 F.

Molecular sieve is a very aggressive desiccant that can keep humidity very low. It does not give up its moisture except in extreme conditions of temperature. It has been under-utilized due to its later approval for food contact applications.

Clay is a special grade of clay that is baked to remove its moisture. It adsorbs moisture readily and is fairly inexpensive, but it also begins to give up its moisture at temperatures above 80F. Its moisture uptake is a bit variable, as it is a mined product.

Activated carbon comes from charred coconut shells. It is used to adsorb organic molecules that can cause smell or other effects. It can be blended with a desiccant material for a combined effect.

A Tailored Solution to Your Product's Moisture Control and Protection Needs

Our packaging professionals and engineers will work with you to understand your product stability issues, and then provide a cost effective and reliable solution. If an off-the shelf solution is not available for your particular moisture/gas control needs, we will work with you to develop a product tailored to your specific requirement.