Applications of Flow Dry Technology in the Automotive Industry

We are the established market leaders for automotive desiccants used extensively for air conditioning and moisture control. Our range of innovative products solve key water problems such as reducing humidity in recycled air systems, reducing moisture levels in confined spaces, removing moisture from the refrigerant circulation loop of a cars air conditioning system to prevent corrosion & extend system life and handling condensation caused by temperature or pressure change. Because we provide both off the shelf and custom solutions we can deliver products which are more reliable, trusted and cost effective. Another reason why our disiccant products are found in over 75% of all motor vehicles on the road.

As well as our reliable range of bags and cartridges we have the ability to custom design and manufacture varied moisture control solutions.

Applications for Flow Dry Adsorbent Products

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• 1 • Fuel Vapor Recovery Canisters

• 2 • Fragrance Emitter Pack
Cabin Air Odor Removal
Trunk Moisture Protection

• 3 • Air Brake Drier
Air Suspension System Drier

• 4 • Electrical Boxes & Controllers Moisture Protection
Spark Plug Insert for Long Term Storage

• 5 • Silica Gel Packs or Unit Bags

• 6 • Accumulator Bags
Receiver Dryer Cartridges
Condenser Tube Bags
Condenser Tube Assemblies

• 7 • OptiClear Headlamp Anti-Condensation Solution
Headlamp Desiccant Packets

Electric Cars Desiccant for Cooling Modules

A variety of Flow Dry products are used at the automotive industry to seal, protect and dry the vehicle's systems. We support you by protecting the quality of your products. Thanks to our processes and well-trained associates we are able to reliably deliver outstanding products including desiccants, adsorbents, molecular sieves and injection molded parts.

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