Desiccant Solutions for the AC Industry

Desiccant Tube Bag for Automotive IndustryDesiccant Solutions for the AC Industry

In early Automotive AC system, Silica Gel, a common desiccant was used. It was replaced by Molecular Sieve for several reasons:

Criteria for Selecting the right Molecular Sieve in the Automotive AC system

molecular sieve adsorbent material for automotive industryAD-1® Molecular Sieve

Flow Dry® Technology AD-1® molecular sieve adsorbent was created in response to a strong market need for a high quality, high performing, yet economical desiccant for drying HFC-134a and other refrigerants. With the same if not better quality and performance than other suppliers the AD-1® molecular sieve has been specifically developed as the economic desiccant alternative to meeting your high standards for:

AD-1® Molecular Sieve 8x12 BeadsDesigned for use in Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

Property US Units
Water Capacity @ 25 ℃ (wt% minimum) 18.0% 18.0% ADT-1
Loss on Ignition (LOI) @ 960 (wt% maximum) 1.0% 1.0% ADT-2
Bulk Density (minimum) 53.0 lbs/ft3 0.848 g/mL ADT-3
Crush, average 25 beads (minimum) 14.0 lbf 62.0 N ADT-4
Hydrated Attrition (wt% maximum) 2.0 % 2.0 % ADT-6
Bead Size Distribution (wt%)*
Through 6 mesh
Through 8 mesh
Through 12 mesh
Through 20 mesh
* Tolerance +/- 10%

100.0 %, min
90.0 %, min
10.0 %, max
0.01%, max

100.0 %, min
90.0 %, min
10.0 %, max
0.01 %, max

Bead Sizes Available

AD-1® molecular sieve standard bead size is 8x12 mesh (2mm). Other bead sizes may be made available.

Quality Assurance

AD-1® molecular sieve production is rigorously tested, using advanced testing equipment and methods, for strict compliance to industry standards.

Safety and Handling

Contact us for a copy of the AD-1® molecular sieve MSDS and for any questions related to handling the product.

AD-1® Molecular Sieve Adsorbent Brochure (53.73 kB)