Flow Dry Suppliers

Flow Dry Technology, Inc, and its factory locations in Hungary and China (aka Flow Dry companies), have committed to becoming registered to, and complying with, ISO 14001. This is the internationally recognized Environmental Management Standard. We have undertaken this task in support of our customers and to fulfill Flow Dry’s commitment to protecting our employees and the environment.

As a valued supplier, contractor or subcontractor to Flow Dry companies, your company plays an essential role in the effective functioning of our ISO 14001 system. We have identified the following as some of the significant outcomes of our operations:

On the ABOUT tab in this website, please find a summary of Flow Dry’s commitment to continuous improvement as stated in our core Policies & Values. Please review this information and relay it to your employees (and subcontractors where appropriate) who supply either a raw material or service, including those working on-site at our location. It is important that your employees understand their roles and responsibilities in helping us to meet our policy & value commitments. This also applies to any hired subcontractors performing work on-site at Flow Dry.