About Flow Dry Technologies

Flow Dry Technology, Inc. was established in 1946 under the name Stanhope Products in Dayton, Ohio. Originally a gasket fabrication company at inception, the business has grown into an industry leader in adsorbent solutions.

Sealing, Drying and Protecting Your Goods

Our gaskets, desiccant and adsorbent products are used internationally across many industries to protect, seal and manage moisture and other contaminates:

Working With Our Customers

With a sharp focus on listening to our customers' requirements, we have a rich and proven history of helping customers, like you, improve your own products. Aside from the personal satisfaction in pleasing customers every day, many industry awards from customers over the years have recognized our dedication and commitment to quality, response, and delivery at reasonable prices.

Chemical and Mechanical Engineering Expertise

The company has always possessed a broad engineering expertise and continues to grow our chemical and mechanical engineering talents to meet your challenges in a straightforward, thoughtful and cost-effective manner. Flow Dry demonstrates its capability to engineer innovative solutions through its portfolio of over 20 active patents that are used in a variety of applications throughout the world.

Products for Removing Contaminants

While the target of an adsorbent product can be any kind of foreign contaminant, like gases, vapors, oxygen, or odors, the most common contaminate is moisture. Moisture is a primary cause of damage in products, during transportation, and in general packaging. The Flow Dry line of available desiccants are engineered to deliver the highest drying capacity for any given application without sacrificing cost effectiveness or system operating reliability. Moisture control was the original thrust for products as the company created its line of products used in Automotive Air Conditioning systems. These products keep the refrigerants dry and eliminate system failure due to acid formation, corrosion, and system blockage.