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Through strong collaborative relationships we ensure our product meets your needs. We encourage new business and provide research and development engineering expertize to provide effective solutions to you.
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Flow Dry Innovative

Our innovative R&D and close relationships with supplier and client stakeholders means we provide desiccant, gasket and pharma/medical products which have industry leading performance and reliability. Discover more…

Flow Dry Global

With desiccant manufacturing and distribution on three continents we are able to supply quality products to an international market while keeping our costs down. Discover more…

Flow Dry CLEAR

The headlamp condensation solution for lifetime value and lasting clarity. Learn more…

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GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award

Flow Dry Technology, an industry leading manufacturer of adsorbent, sealing and insulating solutions, is excited to launch OptiClear Anti-Condensation solution for headlamps in automobiles. This innovative solution will end issues associated with moisture in headlamps.

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