Custom Products

custom desiccant, gasket, filter products design and development At Flow Dry Technology we produce a range of desiccant, gasket, plugs and cartridge systems to help seal, dry and protect your products. For each product there is a large possible range of materials and form factors to consider so if one of our prefabricated solutions is not perfect for your needs then you can collaborate with our design, prototyping and testing experts to develop a tailored bespoke solution to your needs.

Customized and Innovative Solutions to Seal, Dry and Protect your Product from Moisture, Gas and Odors.

Many customers find that a good starting point is to review our existing range of products and then contact us to find out more. This site contains lots of useful information about the materials, properties and qualities of our solutions which you can then tailor and customize to your needs.

When a Custom Solution to Desiccant Needs Is Best

Form Factor: Sometimes the form factor of the packaging may need to be altered or designed from scratch to allow desiccants to be placed within your packaging or product.

Casing Materials: The choice of container materials can vary depending on your needs.

Desiccant Materials: The choice and combinations of desiccant materials can also be altered to meet specific moisture/contaminant control requirements.

Prototyping: You may need to prototype a solution before committing to a large scale production run.

Quantity: We can produce low quantity and high quantity production runs.

Why Flow Dry are the Best Partners for a Custom Project

Flow Dry’s core competency is in providing adsorbent solutions for controlling and/or modifying the atmosphere within an enclosed environment. While our focus has been to make Flow Dry your Moisture Problem Solver, and we routinely recommend the right desiccant for any given application, our capabilities and expertise extends beyond the realm of moisture removing desiccants. Bring us your challenging packaging applications, and we will work with you to develop a solution. Flow Dry engineering and rapid prototyping experience and capabilities can quickly translate an adsorbent concept into an adsorbent solution. We also have the industrial facilities to do thorough product testing.